Why are red wing boots so expensive?

Red wing boots are worth it due to the quality construction, versatility, and durability and you can wear them with many things throughout the year. People mostly consider the durability of the red wing boot, but you should always remember that durability depends on cleaning, care, and the rest of the shoes. Red Wing premium leathers, welt construction, and triple stitching create durable footwear that can last for a long time.

Red Wing is an iconic boot company. Is the money according to its quality? Or are you only paying for the brand name? Why are they so expensive? The answer to these questions can be get by knowing their features.

Why are red-wing boots so special?

They are so special because they can be worn with various outfits.  Its quality and they are designed to help you for adjusting gait. They are also helpful to decrease leg pains and foot pains. Moreover, they are Waterproof.


Most people now understand the 100-year-old brand as a family-owned business that was started in 1905 in Red Wing, Minnesota. So, in 1873, before the beginning of the Red Wing boot brand, Red Wing, Minnesota was considered one of the most efficient farmers of wheat in the USA. After that, the discovery of natural clay beds in the region started a healthy stoneware company. 

During the turn of the centenary, Red Wing, Minnesota was seeing huge success from its river port and the company was wonderfully up all over the region. European migrants were creating industries and work areas all over the city.

Boot seller & businessman, Charles Beckham

Charles Beckman was a boot seller and a wise businessman who would see the carpenters & the blacksmiths walk all over the city with shoes and boot on. He came up with the plan to have something particular for a specific job.

As Charles struck out to start this new journey for boots that will fit people properly, he found that the producers did not agree to do the project with him. Charles did not wait. He was attached to other investors soon and they start launching the Red Wing shoe brand in 1905. 

The Black & Brown chief pull-on shoes on a vintage Red Wing catalog

By 1912, the Red Wing shoe brand was seeing huge achievements with a new fashion, the black and brown Chief. This shoe was made with manure-proof hides to help farmers during working on their land. These shoes carried the love of the legendary Dakota chief Red Wing on the sole of the shoes as well.

Red wing boots material

The uppers are made of full-grain leather & vegetable-tanned leather missiles. Has a cork filler that helps mold to the foot when wearing them. While most of the shoes are Goodyear Welted by leather welts, some have stitch-down built shoes and boots.

  • They offer a combination of outsoles including Wedge soles & various Vibram soles from the Mini-lug 430 to the Montagna 100 lug commando sole. The materials and formation will increase the price tag.
  • Some red wing boots are given features that will be helpful t to understand why they are so expensive.

01. The Classic Red Wing Boot: The Blacksmith 3343

These are versatile, they are great plain-toe boots and innocuous. They are very subtle. Well made in the United States. Featured are oil-tanned leather, full grain, resoleable Goodyear welt; a grippy-yet-low-profile Vibram mini lug.

02. The Most Iconic Red Wing Boot: The Moc Toe 875.

They are very casual and comfortable, the perfect wedge-soled boot, a lightweight hiking boot, and unique and modern fashion.

03. Red wing iron ranger amber harness

Amber Harness is also iconic leather from SB Foot do a good job fitting the old-timey intended use of the footwear. The Iron Ranger was built for iron miners in the 1930s, and this oil-tanned leather serves well at producing water resistance, and scuff resistance.  

04. Red Wing iron ranger toe cap

These shoes provide additional safety from rocks and other mine-associated damages. The dual-layer toe cap was the precursor to Red Wing’s first steel-toe shoes, which came out in 1934. Iron Ranger has a rugged look and style. Their details are the toe cap, shiny nickel eyelets, mini-lug outsole, full grain, and oil-tanned leather.

05. Red Wing 887 Classic Moc Toe

They are 8 inches tall, Classic hunting boots, well-known boots in the Red Wing heritage variety. it has a traction tread rubber outsole as well as moc toe construction, it’s a Goodyear welted shoe, water resistant, and resoleable. Have natural look that suits the hunting boot look. Leather lining aids in water resistance and comfort. The shaft remains unlined to decrease heel slippage and avoid overheating.

06. Red Wing Classic Moc Toe 1907

These shoes have Lots of shock absorption and a Removable leather footbed. It’s also incredibly durable as it’s an oiled & waxed nubuck. Water Resistant as well. They have come with leather laces, and a padded, shock-absorbing leather footbed. Red Wings mold to your foot when you wear them more because they have a layer of cork filling between the outsole and midsole, when the cork tightens, they’ll seem better roomy after you use them.

Care and maintenance

Each leather requires care and maintenance, in this way, the red wing also needs it. The product that is designed to help to care for calfskin leather will work well for them. You can condition them for their shine and make them last longer.

 Tips to Make your Red Wing Boots Last Longer

If you wish to make your Red Wing boots long longer, here are the three things you should do.

  1. Give them rest in between wears. A day or more.
  2. Utilize cedar shoe trees.
  3. Condition your leather after every 6-12 months, depending on how often you use your boots.

You can get professional help from them to repair your Red wing boots as well.

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