Why are RM Williams boots so expensive?

There are various reasons why R.M. Williams products are highly-priced. They are made of highly durable leather. The durability of the shoes is almost 15 to 20 years per pair. Some clients and loyalists of the R.M. Williams company believe that they have used their R.M. Williams shoes for as many as 17 years.


In 1932, a man by the name of Reginald Murray Williams put his abilities into practice and started his leather profession. In the future, the brand improved its skills to incredible success.

Nowadays, RM Williams’ headquarters are still located in Australia, where they produce leather boots and accessories. However, even though their ownership has changed hands to the investment company Tattarang Pty Ltd, their principles and manufacturing methods haven’t changed one bit.

Is the quality of RM Williams’ boots high?

For its 89-year history, the R.M. Williams has been a high-quality boot brand that is as at home trudging by a paddock as it is pounding the city pavement. There are various R.M. Williams choices to choose from.

Why is RM Williams well-known?

Through the past two decades, RM Williams has become well known, and this is due to the comfort, quality, and longevity of their items. People like this brand and their items. They understand the value they get out of them. People are excited about the brand and wear their shoes with love.

Properties of their boots

The leather of RM Williams is of outstanding quality, and the convenience is excellent for a pair of boots. Moreover, its materials are used ruggedly for durability. As they are expensive, they are long-lasting and look incredible as they age.

It is a luxury boot company. The company is growing due to its style and popularity, as well as its quality. They become recognized due to the uniqueness of their ethical process.

Their shoes are handcrafted still in Adelaide, Australia, where they were established. With big names on the brand, including Hugh Jackman and several Aussie politicians, these kicks are indeed unique, not only for their manufacturing process but for their price.

With their popularity, many questions have been raised. One important question is about the high price.

How are RM Williams boots made?

R.M. Williams boots are always made with a single piece of leather, which makes them durable. A single piece will provide a seamless, good-quality finish. Shoes made in the company’s Adelaide workplace have gone through over 80 hands to produce a product that will last a long time.

The durability of R.M. Williams boots is due to the use of a single piece of leather that passed through a harsh blocking process at an increased temperature, a procedure that can withstand only leather of the highest quality and finest grain.

Using a single piece of leather has fewer weak points and fault lines, so this will increase their longevity. The boots are also highly water-resistant as well as weather-resistant.

Care of RM Williams boots

The care of an RM Williams boot is important to make the leather last. Cleaning your boots is a way to keep them looking stunning for a long time. What should you do to clean the RM Williams boots?

Step 1

Use a wet cloth or sponge to clean the surface of the shoes to eliminate any slime and dust that is on them.

Step 2

Select a product to clean your boots with. Select the product that is suitable for your boot. Know about the leather type and get cleaner according to it.

Do not use Kiwi from the market

It’s bad at drying out the leather, which over time causes the leather to crack and damage the boot.

Maintain the heel rubber in decent condition.
Take a glance at the heel rubber several times a year and take them for repair once you find any issues. A regular examination can aid you in finding any problems before they become worse.
Any loose stitching around the flexible gussets is best sorted sooner rather than later; otherwise, the leather shape stretches out.

Fix any issue with your shoes

Check the toes to make sure they have not started to pull apart. If you caught the problem early, it will fix easily. If you leave it to get worse, it can be difficult to fix. Take care of your RM Williams boots, as they are not inexpensive.

Make them waterproof

Making them waterproof will help keep your boot dry and comfortable. Waterproofing will make it simpler to remove the soil from your boots. All of the items made for waterproofing boots seem to work the same way. Some will work better, and you should choose them according to the leather type.

What do customers think about RM Williams?

After reading so many reviews, we have concluded that their shoes are expensive but offer great comfort. People feel so comfortable after wearing RM Williams boots.

Pros of Williams’ boots.

  • The style and comfort are tremendous. They also look elegant and gorgeous.
  • Durability is outstanding.
  • Its leather has the supple and fine-grained texture of calf leather.


  • May the narrow shoes squeeze your feet.

What should you consider before buying RM Williams boots?

Before you buy any shoes or RM Williams boots, consider the following things:


First of all, comfort is the crucial aspect of this boot, so make sure the shoes fit well and are comfortable for you.

Leather quality

The quality of leather will make shoes better or worse, so choose good-quality leather. This will improve the durability of the leather.

Fit and sizing

Size is significant to feel comfortable. Without the right fit and size, your shoes can disturb you badly.


The sole should be robust to make your shoes last longer.


When you have to spend extra money on expensive shoes, make sure your shoes last a long time.


Ensure your shoes fulfill your requirements; if you need waterproof shoes or something else, then find one that is suitable for you.

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