Why Are Schott Leather Jackets So Expensive?

Usually, when something is expensive, the quality of that thing is also favorable, but a person should not need to think always that anything expensive is satisfactory. A correct decision can be made to buy expensive items only when their characteristics are understood. So what is the good thing about a Schott leather jacket that makes it so expensive? Or, Are people paying just for the brand name? So we try our best to answer these questions.

The main thing about swanky New York is that it is deeply rooted in rich American heritage. They have been making leather jackets for over a century and provide the same quality even today. They develop models that closely resonate with American fashion and subculture.

Schott NYC

Schott NYC (Schott Bros.) is an American clothing brand founded in New York. The company was established in 1913 by brothers Irving and Jack Schott. Schott NYC was the first brand to add a zipper to a jacket. They make the perfect motorcycle jacket. 

During World War II, the company produced clothing for the United States Armed Forces as well as for American law enforcement. Schott NYC is still owned by the Schott family and makes more of its clothes in the United States.

Perfecto motorcycle jacket

Schott NYC is probably well known for its perfecto motorcycle jacket. In 1928, Irving Schott manufactured the first ever leather motorcycle jacket and gave it the name “Perfecto.” The jacket was made of horsehide and had a belted front, zippered sleeve cuffs, a flap change pocket, a D-pocket, and shoulder epaulets. This outstanding motorcycle jacket was a double-rider design, which means one part of the anterior zipper was fixed in a couple of inches. When zipped up, this made a seal that allowed no air to enter through it during riding a motorcycle.

613 and 618 productions

In the late 1940s, one more design was produced, the “613.” Its nickname was “the one star” because it had a star on both shoulder epaulets. In the early 1950s, one more version of the jacket was launched, “the 618.” The 618 had no star on its shoulder epaulets.

Stores that delivered the jackets sometimes had problems with people stealing the stars from the 613. This, 618 was additionally commercially viable. Many popular people used their jackets. 

Why are leather jackets so expensive?

Leather jackets are durable clothing items, and therefore, they have a high price tag. Also, they’re created from the skins of different types of animals, which have high manufacturing costs that affect the price. Moreover, brand names as well as designer labels can also increase the price.

Why are Schott leather jackets so expensive?

Schott leather jackets are expensive due to the high-quality material that is used in their production process.

Most leather jackets are created by stitching together pieces of animal hide. Schott reduces stitching by using big panels of leather. It is difficult to get large panels of animal hide that aren’t blemish-free, so it is more expensive than other jackets.

But according to their price, they have good durability and quality. The brand also gets good reviews from customers that indicate that the product has good quality.

What is “perfecto”?

A Perfecto is a leather jacket that has snap-down lapels, zip-up closures, and epaulets. A popular motorcycle leather jacket.

Is Schott using full-grain leather?

As many manufacturers use high-quality leather to create expensive items, Schott N.Y.C. also uses full-grain leather whenever possible.

Are Schott jackets worth the price?

A question that we wish to ask while making a purchase is whether the product is going to be worth it. In our minds, we mostly think about longevity, durability, and usability. So the Schott jacket is worth it.


This leather jacket can make you feel and look fashionable. This brand offers high-quality itemsthat will increase your style. Their styles are classic as well as versatile.

Cons of a Schott leather jacket.

  1. Expensive.
  2. Sizes are usually out of stock.

Schott leather jacket care

Every leather product needs care; in the case of the Schott Leather Jacket, it also needs maintenance and care.

  1. You do not need to wash it when it is dirty. Just wipe it down with a cloth.
  2. Keep it moisturized.
  3. Otter Wax’s Leather Oil is also good for Schott leather products.

Things to consider before buying a leather jacket

  • Before buying any leather jacket, you have to know about the type of leather. Leather types matter a lot to make a jacket long-lasting and impressive.
  • Buying a high-quality leather item is considered a long-term investment.
  • A person who has less knowledge about leather can make a mistake while buying a jacket, so those people, must get some knowledge about leather and ask the seller or check the label.
  • Always check the accessories; they should be of high quality and last a long time. Choose a jacket according to your size to make your personality charming.
  • To avoid wasting money, comfort, style, inner lining, and pockets should all be considered before buying a leather jacket.

Think before buying a motorcycle leather jacket.

For road-going motorcycle jackets, three things come to mind mostly: versatility, durability, and affordability. But they are not enough; some others will be mentioned here.


Make sure the leather type is a high-quality type.


Look for good closures that will not disturb you while riding

Ventilation Options

Perforated leather with a good zip-out liner is an option to consider, and zippers in solid leather or fabric are another.


More pockets are good to have for a motorcycle jacket.

Internal or external storm flaps

A nice storm flap on the main zipper can effectively stop cold air, whether internal or external.


A jacket that has more protectors to decrease the chance of injury is a good option to get.

High visibility

Sharp colors provide more visibility to other drivers in low light, so they help prevent harm.

Soft Collar

A collar that has a soft velour or fleece substance can seriously increase rider comfort.

Knit or adjustable cuff closures

It will also be helpful to reduce wind coming from the ends of sleeves.

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