Leather Shoe Soles: Why do expensive shoes have leather soles?

Leather is pretty expensive because it has many characteristics. So if the leather is used in anything, it will be expensive. Instead of leather soles, most men’s shoes are made of rubber or synthetic leather. Real leather is used in costly shoes, or you can say that the use of real leather may increase the price of shoes. To get a description of them, you should read this article completely. In this article, we will tell you about some properties of leather soles. Then you will know why expensive men’s shoes have leather soles.

Characteristics and benefits of leather soles

Some benefits of leather soles are given that help you to know why expensive men’s shoes are expensive.

⦁ They are elegant and can be used on special occasions. Hence, expensive shoes have leather soles to add elegance and look classy.

⦁ Soles of real leather are natural and can be replaced when you need them.

⦁ Leather soles have long durability. To increase the lifespan of the soles, durable leather is used on the soles of the shoes.

⦁ Leather has the property of breathability as it acts like skin. This will help to keep the shoe dry and cool. They are also great for regulating the temperature.

⦁ Some leathers are more comfortable than others, so if comfortable leather is used, it will make the shoes more comfortable.

⦁ Leather soles are good for providing support when walking on even surfaces, as well as for preventing shock.

⦁ Leather variety is available in the market, and according to your needs and budget, you can choose them.

⦁ They have a lower risk of allergies.

Drawbacks of using leather soles

Unfortunately, leather has numerous properties, but there are also some drawbacks of using leather soles. Some disadvantages of them are given.

⦁ As leather is not fully waterproof, its absorption varies according to the type of leather. But according to my point of view, it is not suitable if you want to use them in humid and rainy conditions continuously.

⦁ The durability of leather soles varies depending on the type of leather used.

⦁ They are not appropriate for walking on uneven surfaces because they are not made with a wide base.

⦁ They do not provide a good grip, and you may sometimes feel slippery with them. 

⦁ Without proper care, maybe it will look dry before your expectations, so it will not go well for a long time with your carelessness.

⦁ If you store them in a wet place, you may notice mold on them.

Maintenance of Leather soles of men’s shoes

Leather soles can be maintained by the application of a good leather conditioner to moisturize them to prevent cracks, peeling, and other things. Maintenance will increase the lifespan of the leather soles; otherwise, they will dry out. Without proper care, the glue may come away due to the carelessness of the person.

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