Why does faux leather peel?

why faux leather peel

Faux leather is known as synthetic leather and is made of polyurethane, which makes it look like genuine leather. Polyurethane is a fragile material that is bonded with many adhesives and chemicals. Over time, it dries and causes the peeling of the leather. Faux leather is less durable than real leather and has a lifespan of only 4 to 6 years. Faux leather is less costly than genuine leather. In this article, we will discuss the causes of faux leather peeling.

Faux leather gets sticky

Faux leather has many layers. The last layer has oil or plastic that gets gummy over time. Faux leather is non-porous and doesn’t absorb stains. Therefore, it causes a mess because it hasn’t been cleaned properly for a long time. The gummy feel is the residue of the stains and spills that haven’t been cleaned out properly for a long time. Hence, improper care can also cause cracking or peeling of the faux leather.

Exposure to heat

Heat is one of the reasons your jackets made of faux leather will peel. Because faux leather is more vulnerable to heat damage. Faux leather is always heat sensitive and causes the leather to peel. The chemical substances used to bond the topcoat to its lining or fabric will break down over time and will begin to fall apart if exposed to heat. Sunlight can also cause the leather to peel.

Exposure to water

Too much water exposure can remove the oil of the leather and make leather supple. The padding or lining will peel off the vinyl topcoat if your faux leather constantly gets into contact with water. The seams and linings, padding, or fabric that is attached underneath the vinyl may not be waterproof.

Reasons for the faux leather’s aging

cause the faux leather peeling is aging. Faux leather has less durability than real leather, so it peels rapidly. Hence, the peeling of the faux leather is due to the shorter lifespan and lack of maintenance.

Lack of care and maintenance

Lack of proper care and maintenance is a very big cause of leather peeling. People usually think that faux leather doesn’t need maintenance, but it is wrong. Everything needs maintenance and care for longer use.

Frequent use of faux leather

Faux leather has a shorter lifespan because it is less durable than genuine leather. In this way, if you are using your faux leather items frequently, they may peel more rapidly than expected. Frequent use of faux leather can cause wear and tear and cause damage daily.

Can you prevent your faux leather from peeling?

Proper care and maintenance can increase the lifespan of your faux leather. Place your faux leather away from water, a dry environment, and heat for longer use. But remember that faux leather has a shorter lifespan as compared to genuine leather. Hence, aging is also a reason for faux leather to peel. You can prevent peeling but can’t stop.

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