Hard Leather Jacket: Why is it so? How to make it soft?

why my leather jacket is hard

Many people notice their leather jackets have become so stiff. There are so many factors that make leather jackets so hard. Nobody loves hard jackets; they are not comfortable. Leather can harden due to heat, dry air, and lack of maintenance. Stiff leather can be restored using a few methods.

Reasons for a leather jacket becoming hard and stiff

The leather jacket is so old

Proper care increases the lifespan of leather jackets by several years. Otherwise, your leather jacket will become so unenjoyable due to becoming so hard, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Therefore, you should use leather conditioner frequently on your leather jacket.

The leather jacket has been dye

The leather jacket becomes stiff and hard due to Dyeing your leather jacket. If you want more colors, buy another one. There is a safer and more effective way to expand your closet. You can dye your clothes that are made of cotton.

Low-quality leather jacket

Low-quality leather is more likely to become stiff and hard as compared to jackets made of high-quality leather. Because different types of leather have different tanning processes that can affect the texture of leather. Corrected-grain leather, which is typically inexpensive, hardens quickly. So, always buy leather jackets carefully and pay attention to the quality of the leather.

Place the jacket in the dryer

As dry air can suck the moisture from leather, placing jackets in the dryer can also cause them to become leather-hard. So no leather garments should be dried. Placing leather jackets in dryers is not a safe place. They are usually hot and aggressive about leather. Hence, if you want to dry your leather jacket, wipe it off with a clean and then dry washcloth or towel. Never attempt to dry it using a traditional clothes dryer.

A leather jacket is stored in a dry environment

The dry environment sucks the moisture from the leather jackets, and they are more likely to develop a stiff texture. A humid environment is also not suitable for leather jackets, so carefully place your leather jacket in a place that does not have too much moisture and is not extremely dry. The moderate humidity level may preserve your leather while protecting it from hardness as well as moisture damage.

It is not made from real leather

Fake leather becomes hard quickly as compared to others. So your leather jacket may not be real. Therefore, always buy real leather jackets for a longer lifespan and a softer texture.

The leather jacket stretched

Leather is not too elastic and will get damaged if you stretch it beyond its original shape. If you wear a small jacket for your body, then it may stretch whenever you wear it and cause hardness and stiffness. To avoid this issue, wear a leather jacket according to your body size only.

The leather jacket has not been conditioned

One of the most important things you should do with your leather jacket is the condition it to moisturize your leather and to become softer. Make sure not to soften your leather any more than necessary. If you do not apply a leather conditioner, it will cause your leather to dry out.

How to Make Your Leather Jacket Softer?

Here we have mentioned a few ways to make your leather jacket softer:

The Jacket Should Be Dry Cleaned

Dry cleaning a leather jacket multiple times is one approach for softening it. The coat will become humid after being dry cleaned, and humidity helps the leather become malleable and flexible. In addition to washing, they can apply conditioners and oils to make it smoother and more comfortable to wear. Dry cleaning might range between $40 and $70 depending on the size of the jacket. You can also easily wash a leather jacket at home.

Apply Vaseline and Rubbing Alcohol

Rub alcohol and Vaseline are widely used to soften leather jackets and other leather items. Because it penetrates the fibrous grain, rubbing alcohol penetrates the fibres of leather more readily. This approach is filling a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying it over the leather jacket one piece at a time.

Apply Vaseline to the jacket immediately after spraying it with the solution with a leather sponge or towel. Because rubbing alcohol evaporates fast, apply the Vaseline as soon as possible.

Leather Conditioning

This method will immediately soften your new leather jacket. Leather conditioners’ emollients and polymers can permeate the leather’s surface, lowering stiffness. They can assist retain your leather’s great gloss and shine in addition to reducing stiffness. If you use your jacket frequently or in warm, dry weather, you should condition it on a regular basis.

Get Your Jacket Wet

A leather jacket may also be softened by spraying it with water. Don’t go crazy with this procedure because you don’t want to over-saturate the jacket. If your jacket is still little moist, sprinkle it with water to dampen it, then finish it with a premium conditioner.

If you have pre-treated your jacket with a waterproofing agent, the moisture will just roll off the grain. You may assist stretch out the jacket by moving your arms in different directions. After that, air dry the jacket.

Wear the Jacket More Often

Simply wearing your jacket more regularly, whether at home or out in public, will help soften it. The longer you wear your jacket, the more flexible and comfy it will become. This is due to the fact that the grain fibers stretch as they wear.

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